20 April 2011

family room paint...

i did it.  last night and today, i painted a big swatch of my family room blue. (behr primer and paint in one--bermudian blue)  the red wall will be no more by the end of the month.  i am super excited now that i've looked at it for about two days.  i've already started adding details with the new color in mind.  i have my eye on a lamp i saw at target and a shade i saw at home goods for the fireplace.  brought a blue patterned pillow down from the loft and added a green print one from Lowe's of all places.

i'll change out the entry way rug as well as a couple of wall hangings, and then we will be complete.  i might get to buy a dining room rug now too.  i always wanted one in the spring green family, but couldn't make it work with reds.

the pictures are a bit washed out, but you get the idea.  i wish you could see it in person, because it looks way better!

i also changed up the dining room table a bit....just for fun.

and i thought i would show you my tea light holders that will hang off of the pergola when the backyard is all done.  we took a spice jar...

took off the lid and the wire band that snapped it shut...

hubby will rebend the wire around the lid so there aren't as many crinks in it....and then just hook it onto where the lid back and front used to go.
we will add some sand to the bottom, stick a tea light in it, and we have little sparkle lights for only 2.99 a jar.

i'll show them to you with the PB sparkle ones all hanging and lit when we put them outside.


  1. Wow, that is a big difference! Beautiful color though. What's funny is that my new color is blue too! Shhhh, don't tell. But much lighter. I love the yellow fireplace in your most recent post!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Come back tomorrow to see a sneak peek of the color!