13 April 2011


i gave my husband pottery lessons for his birthday.  he just finished his last lesson last night, and brought home several pots from all his hard work of throwing and shaping.
i love the look that they have on the mantel, and best of all, they will be able to be used to serve food in!!  so, they will live there, but come down occasionally for a party--then again, i'll have to come up with something else to go there while they are being used.  decisions, decisions.

all lined up (the white one is one of his teacher's pots, but i liked the way it looked there)

he made this as a tea light holder

this is actually a planter (with hole in the bottom for drainage)

our lovely fireplace's new look

here is some of the detail that he put in the bottom of the pots.

he also made a mug and a serving platter.  the platter is my absolute favorite--can't wait to use it.  i love the detail he added.

he made two or three more things at his last lesson....i'm anxious to see them after they are glazed and fired.  one of them may join the mantel.

on another note, i'm working on a project.  once our backyard is finished, we are going to hang tea lights all around the pergola in little jars to light up our patio.  i will show you what i'm doing to make the jars....but for now, here is a sneak peak at a PB tea light holder that is going to join the bunch i'm making for that touch of sparkle.

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