23 April 2011


so we got a lot done this week around the house.  i was able to paint the side table next to my husband's side of the bed.....in a creamy white.  it looks stunning with the other off-white decor in our room.

we also added some pictures of baby boy, framed by our good friend doug.  he matched the room colors perfectly, and the three frames complete the look of the last wall.  our room is now done, except for the new mattress coming on friday. (!)

i also painted an old dresser that was just a drab brown (it used to live in our closet until we got our elfa).  i gave it the same blue that our family room wall is getting and the same cream as the side table.  this is for the loft, and it gives just that touch of whimsy.

i taped the top off to get this look that i am seeing every where.  i may decide there is too much blue on the front of the dresser, and paint the drawers completely cream except for a small box of blue on each drawer.

lastly, i found an old window today that is going to hang over my mantel.  (no glass in the panes, although i had originally thought i wanted glass)  i am going to put a big wreath over it with a bright green ribbon....can't wait to get that and a new lamp. (the one at home goods was gone)
here it is out drying in the sun.  it was in the rain at the shop a few day ago, and got pretty wet.

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