01 March 2012

let there be a new light...

i love my new light.  remember the old builder's grade chandelier?

it's gone, and my new light is living very happily in it's new space.  i haven't decided completely on the height....it may come down a bit.

i am mostly in love with the copper inside...so rich and vibrant.

when the light is on, this warm orange glow is over the whole table.

it makes the room so different, but a good different.  it came yesterday in the mail, and hubby put it up that very night!  so happy......  the first change is in.

now for the walls to be painted....that's getting started tonight.  pictures to follow soon.


  1. What a sweet hubby to install it so quickly for you! It looks great!

  2. It looks so nice - warm and inviting! That was so nice of your hubby to do it so quickly too!