27 February 2012


the dining room is getting a makeover in march, and march is almost here.  i am so excited.  one wall is going to be painted green above the chair rail.   can't decide between valspar's bullfrog or la fonda deep olive.

olive on the left, bullfrog on the right.  i'm leaning to the left.  :)

the other wall is getting the mdf treatment i showed you here.  again, above the chair rail.

going to have nice clean lines

and below the chair rail, we are painting behr all in one antique leather.

in the same family, but a bit darker for contrast

i'm also getting a new light, and one other fun surprise for the green wall.  the room won't even look the same.

i snagged this stamped linen napkin at world market the other day.....going to use it as a centerpiece in a tablecloth i'm constructing.

so, the only thing that will stay the same in this room is my favorite ever entry table from pottery barn.  styled to perfection (for right now).  i may paint the frames of the pieces above it.

we are going for a bit more whimsy downstairs with a mix of traditional, vintage, and fun.  i'm excited where the big living space is headed.
any suggestions on the lamps, or should i just start completely over?  i want a more relaxed look and the silver says formal.  i could try changing the shades first and see if that helps....

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  1. Ooohh, I love green! Our dining rooms will be similar, as ours is green on top with chair rail and cream on the bottom. As for your paint choices...I don't know if you're looking for input...but I really like the one on the left! Looks great, Sarah.
    p.s. I miss you!