18 January 2012

orange throw...

except that it's not quite a throw.  it's actually a quilt for a full/queen bed.  hmm....it's just bulky and hard to style in any way.  so, i may ask a friend to help on this one.  maybe she can cut it in half and sew it back up so that it becomes a bit smaller.  let's hope she says yes!  she has done some other stuff for me that's all turned out great....

here it is on the couch.  and it's getting some use since little guy is sick, sick, sick.

perfect touch of orange to match the ceramic garden seat

i love the reversible side to stripes

1 comment:

  1. Oh, that's so pretty! I love that it has two different sides. I hope your poor little guy is feeling better. We've been battling the stomach bug, but my fingers are crossed that it's finally gone!