21 January 2012

a front door wreath...

well, christmas is over...so the door looked a little bare.  i made a new wreath.  i took a styrofoam round and wrapped it with twine....securing it with e5000 every little bit.  i then took a few long scraps of felt and ran a long straight stitch along the bottom of the felt.  i pulled the thread tight and it gathered into a little ruffle.  taking one side and matching it to the other, i stitched the sides together to make a flower.  a couple of leaves out of green felt, and we were ready to attach.  i used straight pins with teeny tiny heads to pop those right into the styrofoam.  i bought a wooden w, painted it white, and put it on with a zip tie....the only way i could think to secure it without losing it in the sun and wind.
no pictures of the process, since i was working fast while little guy was napping, (although he did help in the painting process--behr light incense)  but here's the finished look!

you can see a little silver dot....a pin head.  i like the rough look of the flowers...not too finished.

the zip tie...

there is green wire hiding behind this little strip of felt--the wreath is actually hanging from the wire

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