09 January 2012

master bathroom...

well, the linoleum in our bathroom has pulled away from the baseboards (it's doing the same thing in the kitchen).  i guess the contractors only put glue around the edges (we found this out when we ripped it up) and so it's stretching in the middle where there is no glue to hold it, and pulling away from walls.
so, out came the baseboards and the floor.  we were going to stain the concrete, but look....lovely spray paint where the contractors marked the switches and the toilet.

there was no getting that up unless we sanded (no thank you to all that concrete dust), so we found a new option for the floor.  cork.  i love it and can't wait for it to go in.

well, then we decided the paint would look funny on the walls in the color we have, so i chose a new paint.  behr all in one --color: light incense.  here is a sample on the wall.

after the walls are painted, i'm going to paint the cabinet dark.  it is benjamin moor's advanced.  the color is black bean soup.  a coat of zinsser and a few coats of that, and we'll be good to go.
then we'll get the floor, and then new baseboards that are thicker with hopefully no quarter round.
so, how does that sound for a great project for the next two weeks?

here's to getting this messy bathroom back in shape!

and here's a sneak peak of a new color going into the family room.  we are making it look more like the loft upstairs, and bringing those colors in.  this stool that i had painted before to look like an old wine barrel is now orange, and i love it.

more pics on that to come later as the room evolves.

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