10 January 2012

bathroom updates...

we continue to work on the bathroom, although we've hit a snag with the flooring.  i didn't realize that there was a minimum install fee at lowes of 250ish dollars even though we have this little tiny 50 square foot space.  so...we are in the middle of looking for someone who might like a half day job of installing flooring.  but the paint is right on schedule.  we got the first coat of the light incense up on the walls.  it is a bit more orange than i had anticipated, but we are going to add rich greens, blues, and a pop of bright orange to complete the look.  i even found a lewis and sharon fabric that will work over the tub area.  so excited!

and i primed the cabinet with a tinted zinsser tonight....getting ready for the black bean soup to go on tomorrow!

the old yellow look

doors being primed in my workshop...aka...kitchen

lastly, i got the final coat of poly on my garden stool.  i absolutely love the orange.

and this little bench went from plain brown to distressed cream....with orange peeking out in places.  it will sit on the other side of my chair with the spots...in the family room.  i'll show that space when it's all dry and put back together.