12 August 2011

curtains in baby boy's room...

baby boy is waking up at the crack of dawn....not good for mommy, so we decided to get him some black out curtains.  i picked up a set from jcpenney by linden street, but they didn't have it in my length.  so, i had to break out the sewing machine that my friend Karie got back to me (since i didn't bother to go get it myself) and hem them up.  
we got a 4 peg white wooden hanger from lowes, and our friend doug cut it in half.

i wanted it to look somewhat rough and still like a ship since his room is themed nautical.
lastly, i used a pb idea and put rope through the grommets to hang off the pegs.

i got some cute boat things from hobby lobby, 

and we were off to longer sleeping naps and mornings!

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