08 June 2011

outdoor bookshelf...

my friend donated to me two old bookshelves as she was moving away.  one of them is under construction and headed to the guest bedroom as a side table.  the other one is going to be outside on the front porch (or what we have--not really a porch), under the light.  i am going to put a pot of flowers on it, an old lantern, daddy's shoes on the bottom shelf, and probably baby boy's outdoor toys in a basket on the middle shelf.

it isn't in its place yet, because we have to put wheels on the bottom of it so that daddy can roll it in and out to reach the trash can.  (now you really know how small our "porch" is.)

here is the painting process.  almond gloss on the outside and catalina blue on the inside--both krylon.



i didn't spray all the way....to give it an aged, old look.


  1. Love it Sarah!!! :) Love your color choices :) Saw your living room wall and can't stop looking at how pretty it is :)

  2. Hi Sarah! I popped over from Design Mom because I wanted to give you a comment since you said don't get very many. ;-)

    So I came over hoping to help you and instead I'm leaving with your great idea to store shoes in a bookshelf. Why didn't I think of that? There are six of us with way too many shoes and I haven't figured out what to do with them. LOVE the idea of using an old bookcase. I have one sitting in the basement collecting dust. Thank you so much for the inspiration. (And your little man is adorable. I miss chubby babies around here!)