13 June 2011

outdoor and indoor bookshelves...

hubby helped me on the outdoor one, and i did the indoor one myself...so first for the outdoor one....old brown bookshelf.

some spray paint added (see previous post for details)

had to put on some wheels so it would roll out of the way of the trash can.
hubby sawed some boards, nailed them in to raise the bottom of the shelf, and then he screwed on wheels.

i wheeled it into place, but it's not finished yet.  have to grab a couple of baskets and an old lantern to complete the look.  also may get a plant!

now for the inside shelf.  it was the smaller sister of the outdoor one.  first we knocked (hubby did) the back out of this one.

i then primed it with zinsser oil based primer. next came three layers of paint--yellow, red, and the final coat, blue.  the point was to be able to see all the colors in the distressing stage.

however, i was rather disappointed with the distressing part of things.  mostly red came through--oh well, i'm calling it done, because i'm fine with the way it looks.

i added some numbers to match the step stool on the other side of the room....and carried it upstairs.

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  1. cute stuff! I have that same green throw blanket in our living room! :) Thanks for all of your ideas on our back deck. I like the idea about the base, we have tried to figure out where to screw something like that in...hmmm...and yes! we definitely got pots for the bamboo. We know how rampant it can grow and didn't want that happening. :) Have a great weekend. Thanks for visiting!