21 February 2011

5 felted rings...

my business that i dreamed about starting in december is turning into a reality.  5 felted rings is hosting a grand opening on friday march 4th, and will open on etsy on monday march 7th.  

hand made pottery buttons are sewn onto pieces of felt and then put onto a ring base to make wearable art.  

i have four lines right now....jayne---for "plain jane" which is just a ceramic button, marissa--a square design, camilla--a lovely flower, and cate--a simple circle.  

there are no two rings alike, although some colors are duplicated....each is its own individual, one of a kind piece.  

i hope you'll check out my new shop 5feltedrings.etsy.com on monday march 7th, and choose a ring for yourself, as well as gifts for mother's day and graduation.

a yellow and blue cate


lavender and beige camilla--one of my favs

love the terra cotta thread

rose and beige....cate

fun, bright spring colors

camilla in a spring yellow

waiting to be put together

a cate waiting for its ring base

lots of jewelry for the show


  1. It's all so beautiful and unique!! I so wish I could come to the show but am glad to see some pieces on your site. :)


  2. These look AMAZING!!!! Can't wait to pass out your business cards! You are going to be a star!

  3. so A-dorable!!! Congrats on getting your dream underway :) so exciting! You should consider doing a giveaway with these cuties!
    Thanks for the insight on my staging post- I will pass that along to Miss Tiffany! ;)