17 April 2012

many updates...

it has been a long time since i've stopped for a moment to catalog everything we've been doing around the house.  but we have been super busy.  first, the dining room got finished.  the mdf treatment is on the wall, and the chair rail is updated.  i still have one final coat of paint to add to all of it, and we need to calk a lot of it out.  unfortunately, that's on a back burner right now.

we also spent some time in the family room.  the bookshelf sold. (yay!) so i pushed my two chairs and new table over to the back wall.  we bought a new console for the tv from world market and i've been making everything come together.  i am in love with my gallery wall.  it's going to have some great oil paintings (that are in the mail) added to it for splashes of color.
here is the tv/blue wall:
the book stacks will eventually get taller when i get a couple of those invisible shelves from umbra

we have so much more space now

hubby added some life to the console

a great catch-all for the remotes

world market baskets on sale for 17 each

the only thing that is missing on the wall are these amazing two skylines that rachel is sketching for us.  they will go over the tv in two white frames with white mats.  cannot WAIT for them to be finished.

and now on to the gallery wall:

this frame is getting an orange paint and a blue oil painting of a lake

not sure on the color yet, but probably kelly green....i'm planning to put little guy's artwork up here

my w from san fran's anthro

so, i still have a few more frames to hang....it's going to go a bit higher...including a surprise for my hubby that should be here any day now.

we are loving our new space.  and, i'm working on the mantel again.  i painted it white to see what i thought.  it's a no.  now just to figure out what color to go instead.

oh, and i forgot to mention that the chair got reupholstered.  i love it.  the back is different, because the stripes run horizontally.  i'll have to get a picture sometime.


  1. Oh my word! I love it! It looks SO different ---- I can honestly say, I've never seen that corner before! It looks awesome!

  2. Saw this http://www.52mantels.com/2012/05/mantel-monday-week-35.html and thought of you! It has some of the same colors in it....your handwriting would look so great on a "ful" sign!

  3. This wall is coming together beautifully! Love the orange key. Killer!

    Found you through Kayla's blog, Freckles in April. Happy weekend!

    Cable Car Couture

    PS: your short hair is cute! love the texture :)