06 February 2012

mini mudroom finished...

we were able to screw the hooks into the wall (found them at hobby lobby--the last four there, so i snatched them up several weeks ago before i even knew when we would complete this project--yes, at 50% off)

i love the detail of each one and the fact that you can hang at least two things on each hook.

remember the numbers i posted about?  well, they are now happily over each hook.

a piece of canvas with burlap wrapped edges and a stenciled one

spray painted the three yellow and added a cloth tie

the only number we didn't alter besides paint, of course

this one had a hook underneath it, so hubby unscrewed it and made a makeshift hanger from a staple

here is the wall all finished and holding our winter goods.  in the summer, i'm sure there will be swim cover ups, and towels and who knows what else from our trips to the pool.

the numbers add that perfect touch of whimsy that we are going for now downstairs

i linked up with the inspired room for a small spaces party!


  1. Your "mudroom" area looks great! I have to say I love the hooks...they are the same ones I picked for our "mudroom" area. The numbers are such a sweet touch! Thanks for your comment over at Scissors and Spatulas on my guest post!

  2. This is so cute! I don't have a mud room. Our front door is our main entry but I think something like this would look great! The numbers really personalize it. I know you will enjoy this area of your house.

  3. I love the enryway! The number are so cute and whimsical!