31 October 2011

front yard...

we have been working so hard on finishing the backyard.  every plant is in except for a few around the cherry tree.  i will share pictures in the spring when it is all in bloom.  in the meantime, we had a small bistro patio built for our front yard.  we are in love with it....and while it's not finished being styled, i wanted to share pictures of it with you!

loving the combo of two different pavers that we chose.  we may be sealing it for a darker look in the spring!

an edging detail that was put in for us to hide the driveway concrete edge.

so excited to sit out here and enjoy the days we have left before it gets too cold.

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  1. I LOVE stone like that! My parents had it in the backyard of the house they lived in when I got married (we had our reception back there) and I think it looks so classy.

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