17 August 2011

day 3 of 21...

patterns.....i love wearing them, but mixing them together?  probably not my style most of the time.

i did manage to try this skirt and top together....not bad for a first, i guess.

top--tommy hilfiger
no shoes because we don't wear them in the house, and that's where the photo took place. but if i could have had them on, it would have been the red ones from yesterday.

then i tried a scarf with the top.....

scarf--old navy
short--from long ago....don't know where from

and then i changed into what i'm really going to wear today.
top--from kohl's

well, i gave it a try.  :)


  1. I love the yellow print and polka dots. Great look!

  2. My favorites are #1 & #3. This is my first time mixing patterns too..

  3. Look one and three are my favs! You are so cute.

  4. So fun, all of them, but I'm loving the dress and yellow shirt!

  5. I think you nailed it, especially the first outfit. It's so pretty. Although, I'd choose the last one for chasing my kids around. =)

  6. Oooh, I love the yellow top with the polka dotted skirt! That yellow top is so pretty!

    And I love your hair cut! If it were blonde, we'd nearly be twins. =)

  7. My favorite is the third one! So cute! I also like the first outfit too. Pattern mixing is scary, so I give anyone credit who does it :)