15 August 2011

day 1 of 21...

anyone who knows me knows i'd rather be decorating the house than anything else in the world.  my first $10 birthday money came in (thanks world market), and yes, i bought a new pouf for the loft. (to my credit, it was normally 60--50% off--and i had a 10 dollar off of 30 purchase, plus my 10 dollar birthday money from the explorer club) so i only paid 10 bucks plus tax for my new pouf.  i could have bought a scarf or jewelry, but no, i went for the house stuff.

so this fashion challenge is going to be fun and hard at the same time.  our challenge for today was to pick something we would re-mix in our outfits 3 times.  

i chose my favorite comfy j crew yellow sweater, and for kicks, i also added in a j crew belt that was worn as a ribbon cuff in this outfit.  my shoes are steve madden, and my bag is land's end canvas.  my blue ruffle t is from j crew (clearance sale!) and my pants are BR from 4 years ago.  my jewelry is my wedding pearls from my hubby.

so you will see again in the remix my j crew sweater and that blue and green j crew belt...i just had to pick two things to see what i could do with an accessory as well!!

this was my first attempt at taking my own pics.  hopefully by day 21 they will be better, or hubby will be rescuing me!


  1. Wow, such a cool sweater! Love that color.

  2. That's a cute sweater and I like how you picked the belt as well! Looking forward to see what you do with those things!

  3. Great sweater and you're blog title has me craving carrot cake with cream cheese frosting - a personal favorite indeed.

  4. I'm absolutely loving the belt/cuff. I'm excited to see what else you come up with throughout this challenge. What really pulled me in though, is the chair behind you, the grey wall and the pretty mantle. You're super-talented!