02 June 2011

memorial day...

daddy got called in to work on memorial day, and had to stay there a LONG time, so all our projects got put on hold.  except one--that i decided to do myself.  it was the first time i actually figured out how to put the drill bit in the cordless drill, and then change it out to the screwdriver bit.....
fun and a bit frustrating.  oh...what did i do with that tool?  i installed these.  they were so easy to put in, and they have made my life so much easier.  why doesn't every kitchen come standard with pull-out drawers for the lower cabinets.  no more reaching into the dark recesses of the back trying to unstack pots and pans while all the bowls in front tumble onto your feet.  i LOVE them.  
the only sad thing was the product measurement on the site didn't tell me to account for the bit of overhang the drawer would need to pull out of the cabinet, so i had to rearrange my kitchen to make them fit in a different spot.  maybe some day i'll get the smaller set to fit in the other cabinet.

the lid holder--great for cookie sheets and cutting boards too

my new pots and pans cabinet

they slide so smoothly

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