03 May 2011

a front door wreath...

while baby boy napped, i did a quick wreath for the front door.

started with a pool noodle (2 dollars at walmart) and first i had glued spanish moss all over it.  ugh! what a mess....the moss wouldn't stay on great, and every time i moved the wreath, another little piece fell off from the larger pieces.  so, i scrapped that idea, and got out my burlap and my nail head trim.  i cut the burlap into long strips and wrapped it around the pool noodle (by the way, i closed the pool noodle into the circle with some of daddy's duct tape.) securing each end with two nail heads.

each strip wrapped about 4-5 times around the noodle, and then i just cut a new strip.
when it was finished being wrapped, i took the nail heads and made a border through the middle of the burlap.  the look is kind of raw, but i like it.

i then did a bow...which i've never been able to make those look good before, but straight pins through the ribbon into the noodle worked perfectly. (i will try that idea again on a bigger bow that i have to do soon with a small piece of foam.)  i kept moving pins and relooping ribbon til it looked just how i wanted it.  it took me a while to figure out how to hang it up...i had to pull a wrap of burlap off, hide a string underneath that, and fix a wire to that string.  (tried a few things, so it took me awhile)

baby boy did not wake up, and my front door finally!! has a wreath.  no pictures of the process, because i was working fast.

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  1. Holy cow, a pool noodle! Super smart. I love the finished result!

    Thanks for sharing your blog with me :)

    Freckles in April