28 March 2011

simplifying spring...

i decided it was time for a new look on the table as well as making some spaces look less cluttered and more unified.

i started working in the nook in the dining room--took everything out of our PB shelves and redid it all.  i like the simplified look, although, i have some more spaces now that i need to fill.  time for a shopping trip to homegoods!

i wanted the top of the shelves to have a tight look instead of scattered, so everything is in this one tray.  the yellow flowers of course, to pick up on my yellow accent in the family room.

after doing that, i decided to fix the dining room table as well.  i found an adorable stripe at hancock fabric--50% off.  bought a yard, put it on the table with absolutely no sewing, hemming, or anything of the kind.

love how the yellow brings out the fireplace, the pillows, and the throw

don't mind the high chair--this is not staged, but every day life!!
and, on a very fun note, we have completely torn up our entire backyard, put rock all around the edges of the beds that are to be, made a little rock wall, and set out the junipers, phlox, and scottish brooms for planting.  i'll try to get a couple of pictures of the in-progress work for next week.  when it's all done, there will be new sod, tons of seed for wild flowers, and a yoshino cherry in the back.  can't wait!!

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  1. great space Sarah! I hope your yard project is going well, sounds like a big rewarding job :) Thanks for sharing this at Transformations and Treasures!