31 March 2011


slowly but surely...the backyard is coming together.  the weather didn't cooperate this week, so we are at a complete standstill, but here is what it's looking like right now:

you see a butterfly bush in the back corner...and two boxes for raised gardens.  we picked out creeping phlox and blue junipers for the border along all the rock that we laid last week.  it is from a quarry in TN and i loved the redish hues to it....(not too visible on the camera).

right side of the yard
there are pots on either side of the new bench we got.  the pots will be spray painted red and the closer pot will have wild flowers while the further one gets a dwarf pine tree (that you can see in the picture) and sweet potato vine.
left side of the yard

the back of the yard is getting a border of some sort....(not picked out yet....and now it is!  mother of thyme), a yoshino cherry tree, and some vines to grow on the wall to cover the concrete.
back wall of the yard

here are a few more shots of the bench....baby boy seems to like it.

daddy and baby boy discussing the rest of the seed and plants that will be going in.

our little rock wall we built to divide the grass and the patio....some kind of bush will go in between the two.

the scottish broom about to bloom...they will go in the corner near the house.
the pot you see there will be painted blue and will house all of our herbs.

a view from the bench of the rock wall, patio, and rocks that will be dug into the new sod to make a little foot path.

the big silver pot that is upside down is also getting a blue coat of paint and going to the right of the patio with a hydrangea vine in it to screen our air conditioner, gas meter, etc.  we bought a trellis for it to grow on to create a screen.

that's all for now....hopefully planting will get done this weekend!

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  1. Love love love! He has such a great eye for landscaping!