13 January 2011

making a scrapbook picture board...

i have had this idea for 10 months now...it finally got done tonight.  i had two empty shadow box frames in baby boy's room.

there they are
my plan was to make a scrapbook out of pictures and things he had worn or loved and tack them into the frame.
so i went to the craft store and got a piece of foam board for $1.59 and cut it to fit into the back of the frames.

once it was in there, i took the 8x10 shots of baby boy and used nails to fasten the four corners.  i didn't want to glue it onto the foam board and get a bubbly look, but i also couldn't just frame the picture because the frames were bigger than 8x10.  the nail actually looks very boyish and i love the way it turned out.

you can see it there in the corner.  here is the first one with the picture completely on it.

that was baby boy in the hospital....a memorable moment, right?  so i had saved his hat, and i used thumb tacks on the inside to tack the actual hat into the blank space.  when it is on the wall, it will have a sort of 3-d effect.  i LOVE it.  i had originally planned to trim out the white spaces in ribbon, but i love the stark contrast of the white and the picture and the frame.  so it will stay just like this.

then since i did a hat in that picture, i decided to go with memorable hat moments in baby boy's life.  of course, the first time at the beach is perfect, so the second frame has his beach shot in black and white and his blue hat.

wow....what an awesome look.  i will hang them up tomorrow morning in his room, and take some pictures to show you on the next post.

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