29 January 2011

laundry room makeover...complete...

so excited to share my final pictures of my new space.  i love every inch of it, and can't wait to open the doors to pull things out like my blue bin that holds all things painting, or my brown bin that holds all things candles.  it is SO nice to be organized.  now we are going to do our mb closet, and i'll show you that progress too.  it's not ordered yet, so it'll be a while.

overall shot

just the elfa

the drawers

love this feature

a hanging rack my friend Lauren and husband put together (not elfa)


  1. great job! i bet it feels so nice to be organized :)

  2. wow that is awesome!! love those Elfa systems. the pullouts are really a nice feature. You really maximized the space!! thank you so much for linking up!

  3. your laundry room is lovely - i bet it feels so nice to be organized in there, it would actually encourage a person to WANT to do laundry ;)