04 January 2011

family room makeover...

we continue to make our family room look bigger and better.  the loveseat is now sitting in the dining room along with the ottoman and end tables waiting to be picked up by their new owner. we found two chairs that we loved, and i have decided to accent with yellow around the room--keeping with the yellow theme of the mantel.  each yellow is a bit different in shade, but all in the same family.  the bookshelf also got a makeover, but i can't show you that until the tree comes down...which daddy is supposed to do this week.  just waiting on purchasing a chocolate couch now....and still haven't decided on a small coffee table.  the one i really want probably won't match in color.

the new look in the daytime
different chocolate pillows for a whimsical look
the yellow throw will eventually be on the couch

in the evening

my new favorite piece

a partial view of the new look of the bookshelf

the fireplace side....still debating on that red pillow...although it looks orange in this shot...

a new piece of pottery that i'm in love with....that perfect touch


  1. The room looks fantastic! It definitely looks like your new furniture has given the room more of an "open" feel. The plant on your mantle looks familiar! Mine is no longer, but I loved that plant!

  2. looks great! I like the red pillow : )

  3. I thought of you and your mantle when I saw some recent posts on designsponge (not sure if you read it?). Here you go. Hope they give you some good ideas!