26 November 2010

making rings...

this year at our church Christmas brunch, we are handing out favors to the ladies who come.  only, they have to make it themselves, before they can take it home.  :)  using felt from old sweaters, some floss, and awesome pottery buttons by katie, all it takes is a bit of stitching and E6000 glue.

i loved them so much, there may be a small business in my future making these to sell!

there literally are hundreds of options with the different felt, buttons, and floss colors available.

a gray and orange option ready to be created

burgandy with chartreuse

my very own green and oatmeal ring

and of course, i had to have one in the gray family


  1. I love the stitching you did on your gray and red ring! So cute! The ladies are going to have a blast on Saturday.

  2. love, love, love the rings. i did something similar, but use it as a pin cushion. you can see it on my blog.