08 October 2010

stuff for sale...now sold....

we are working on redoing the family room look...so all our furniture in there (well except the bookcase and the chest) is for sale.  it just all SOLD.  hooray. here is a pricing breakdown:  all four ashley pieces for 700.  the loveseat and chair are practically new....they've been sat on maybe 25 times in the 5 years we've had them.  the couch is a little more loved, but still in good shape, and the ottoman still looks great as well.  we will also sell them separately and add the ottoman to any combination you choose for 75.  couch: 200  loveseat: 250 chair: 225 ottoman: 75  (pillows NOT included)

we are also selling two ashley end tables.  set:150  they are in excellent condition with maybe one small scratch.

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